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Podcastle ai tool

$ 11.99/mo

Audio, Creative applications

Podcastle is an AI-powered tool that makes podcasting easy! With a variety of features to help users edit and enhance their audio content there’s no need for expensive equipment and software anymore. Get started today!

synthesia AI tool

$ 30/mo

Video generator, Voice generator

Synthesia is one of the most popular AI tools for video generation that enables anyone to easily produce high-quality videos in minutes. Get a quick overview of highlighted features and relevant ressources and get started today!


$ 99/mo

Copywriting, Digital marketing

With Unbounce you can easily and quickly create high-converting landing pages for your business with no need for coding experience.  Its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface can create custom landing pages that resonate with your audience and drive conversions.

$ 32/mo

Copywriting, SEO

With you can generate content for blogs, SoMe, digital marketing and so much more. Super easy to use with a range of cool features. Users can input their desired tone and message, and will generate a range of options that can be easily edited to fit their needs.

otter ai tool

$ 8.33/mo


Otter is a tool for transcribing spoken words into text using AI. It’s the perfect tools for summarizing meetings or interviews. Otter can easily be integrated with the video conferencing tool of your choice.


$ 14.99/mo

Audio, Music

With Soundraw you can easily generate unique and customizable music. Start creating royalty-free music with AI using Soundraw. The AI technology behind Soundraw offers an extensive library of sounds and beats that can be mixed and matched to produce incredible music.

Resume Worded

$ 19/mo


Resume Worded is an AI-powered career assistant that will help you improve your resume and job application process. This innovative platform provides a comprehensive assessment of your LinkedIn profile, analyzing its strengths and weaknesses in seconds.


$ 24/mo

Copywriting, E-commerce

CopyMonkey is your go-to AI tool for creating optimized Amazon listings and product descriptions. Even better CopyMonkey can analyze and optimize your existing ones to improve keywords rankings organically. Get started today!

INK - AI tool for content creation and SEO

$ 39/mo

Copywriting, SEO


INK makes content creation and SEO super easy and most importantly; safe. Create content that drives traffic to your website without the risk of penalty from search engines. Start your free trial today!


$ 8.33/mo


QuillBot is an AI powered paraphrasing tool and writing assistant that will help you with essays, emails and everything inbetween. Integrate it with your favorite writing editor, email tool and even social media, to make sure your content stays error free.


$ 8/mo

Logo generator

Create a logo and branded content using Looka. AI-powered, super easy to use and customizable. You can even create website elements, email signatures and social media content.  Get started today!

Jasper ai

$ 49/mo

Copywriting, SEO

With Jasper you can create content for your website, social media and even emails using their AI. Optimized for search engines and your tone voice. Train the AI on your company data and brand guidelines.