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Jasper is a powerful AI tool that can help you take your SEO and copywriting to the next level. This tool is designed to help you create high-quality content that is optimized for search engines and appeals to your target audience. Even better, the content that you create is always similar to your tone of voice, so that it always matches your vision and users. You can train Jasper on your company data, which means that it will continuously improve with your usage.  With Jasper, you can improve your rankings, attract more traffic to your website, and increase your conversion rates.

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Highlighted features of Jasper

  • Jasper everywhere:. The tool can easily be integrated with your e-mail platform, CMS and social media. Make sure that everything you need to write is optimized to fullest! 
  • Jasper brand voice: You can train the AI on your data such as style guides, product catalogs and brand identity super fast and easy. Jasper will get to know your company, your brand and your tone of voice, which only makes the text creation and suggestions better.
  • Collaboration tool: With Jasper, you can combine different departments and players throughout your company. Get copywriters, creative teams and SEO specialists working together on the same project.
  • AI engine: Using their large language model and other AI models, you can easily create SEO optimized content which is up to date and grammatically correct.
  • Security: All the data fed to Jasper is kept secure from 3rd parties.

Who is Jasper ideal for?

  • SEO professionals looking to optimize their content for search engines
  • Copywriters who want to create high-quality content that engages their audience
  • Content marketers who need to come up with new ideas for their blog posts, articles, and other content
  • Business owners who want to improve their online presence and attract more customers to their website.


Jasper offers 3 different subscription plans for its users:

Creator: $49/month:  Unlimited words generated by AI, 50 templates, 1 brand voice and much more

Teams: $125/month: Unlimited words generated by AI, 3 seats and 3 brand voices and much more

Business: Custom pricing: Basically all features and unlimited words, memories and brand voices.

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