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AI assistants are the silent partners in your digital journey, ready to answer questions, schedule appointments, or even share a joke. Navigate this category to find an AI buddy that suits your pace and taste.

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Resume Worded

$ 19/mo


Resume Worded is an AI-powered career assistant that will help you improve your resume and job application process. This innovative platform provides a comprehensive assessment of your LinkedIn profile, analyzing its strengths and weaknesses in seconds.


$ 8.33/mo


QuillBot is an AI powered paraphrasing tool and writing assistant that will help you with essays, emails and everything inbetween. Integrate it with your favorite writing editor, email tool and even social media, to make sure your content stays error free.

Bertha AI tool

$ 20/mo

Art generator, Assistants, Copywriting, an AI-powered copywriting tool, reinvents content creation, infusing it with efficiency, uniqueness, and persuasive charm.

Botowski ai copywriter

$ 19/mo

Assistants, Copywriting

Botowski: Your personal AI copywriter. Effortlessly create high-quality, SEO-friendly, original content that shines. Designed to save you time while enhancing your content game.

codeium AI assistant

Assistants, Software development

Codeium, the AI-powered code assistant, is transforming coding efficiency, enhancing productivity, and promoting natural language interactions with your code.


Andi is your intelligent search companion, transforming how you seek, find, and understand information online, leveraging AI for accuracy, ad-free experience, and utmost privacy.

Assistants, Creative applications

Your AI-powered ally for visually striking, share-ready social stories and quizzes.

Unbound - AI assistant & copywriter

$ 15/mo

Art generator, Assistants, Copywriting

Unbound: Unleashing the full potential of AI in your everyday operations, making the complex simple and accessible.

Hiver AI tool for customer service

$ 15/mo

Assistants, Customer Service

revolutionize collaboration and streamline email management and customer support for your team with Hiver.

ParagraphAI - AI tool for writing

$ 9.99/mo

Assistants, Writing

ParagraphAI, an AI writing app, delivers precise, engaging, and error-free content, boosting efficiency in content creation

elephas ai writing assistant

$ 4.99/mo

Assistants, Writing

Elephas – A personal AI writing assistant transforming the way you work across devices, improving productivity, and content quality

Sudowrite - AI tool for writing

$ 10/mo

Assistants, Writing

Sudowrite, a groundbreaking AI novel-writing assistant, is engineered to make creative writing fun, interactive, and less daunting, revolutionizing the world of authorship

What are AI assistants?

AI assistants, also known as virtual assistants, are like the digital butlers of the 21st century. They’re here to make life a tad easier. Harnessing artificial intelligence, these savvy helpers can manage your schedule, answer queries, control smart home devices, and much more, all while learning from interactions to serve you better over time. They’re designed to mimic human interaction, making communication feel as natural as chatting with a pal. Whether you need a reminder for your dentist appointment or a hands-free way to text while driving, AI assistants are at your beck and call.


What’s the best AI assistant?

The crown for the “best” AI assistant can be a bit of a hot potato. It often boils down to personal preferences and specific needs. Some swear by the efficiency and integration of Apple’s Siri, while others are charmed by the versatility of Amazon’s Alexa or the knowledge prowess of Google Assistant. Each has its own set of strengths and ecosystem that can make your digital life a breeze. AI assistants comes in many forms, not all are virtual assistants, we recently picked our top 10 AI assistants in 2023.


Is there a free AI assistant?

Yes, there’s no need to break the bank to have a digital companion. Many AI assistants like Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon Alexa come free with their respective devices. Remember to sort the list for free tools! So, you can enjoy the perks of having a virtual helper without spending a dime, though some advanced features might require a subscription or a one-time payment. It’s all about finding the right balance between cost and capabilities.


Can I make my own personal AI assistant?

Absolutely, and it might not be as far-fetched as it sounds. With a dash of coding knowledge, platforms like Raspberry Pi or open-source software like Mycroft can be your playground to create a personalized AI assistant. It’s like crafting your own digital genie. However, the complexity of your personal assistant would depend on your technical prowess. There are also various online communities and resources to guide you on this exciting DIY project. By going down this path, you can tailor your assistant to meet your whims, making your digital experience truly personal and unique.