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AI video generators are your go-to tools for creating videos with a touch of magic. They use artificial intelligence to transform ideas into visual stories effortlessly. It’s where creativity meets technology to make video creation a breeze!

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synthesia AI tool

$ 30/mo

Video generator, Voice generator

Synthesia is one of the most popular AI tools for video generation that enables anyone to easily produce high-quality videos in minutes. Get a quick overview of highlighted features and relevant ressources and get started today!

Fliki landing page

$ 6/mo

Video generator, Voice generator

With Fliki you can easily and quickly generate captivating video content using AI. Fliki offers more than 75 languages and over 100 different dialects for voice overs. Use their freemium subscription to get started creating amazing videos. - AI tool for art, writing and videos

$ 19/mo

Art generator, Video generator, Writing is your trusted ally in the journey of creative content creation, blending artificial intelligence with your unique vision.

Maverick AI for customer success

$ 100/mo

Customer Service, Video generator

Maverick is revolutionizing e-commerce engagement through AI-generated personalized videos, fostering deeper connections between businesses and their customers.

ContentFries - AI for video content

$ 27/mo

Social Media, Video generator

Transform your long videos into engaging bite-sized content with ContentFries, your personal content chef.

Invideo AI for video creation

$ 20/mo

Video generator, Voice generator

Invideo AI is transforming mere ideas into captivating videos with a few easy prompts.

Pictory - AI tool for video generation

$ 19/mo

Video generator

Pictory is converting texts to engaging videos in a snap – no fuss, just creativity and AI doing the heavy lifting.

Colossyan AI for video & voice generation

$ 35/mo

Business, Video generator, Voice generator

Colossyan is your AI-powered sidekick for professional video generation – simplicity meets efficiency in workplace learning.

HeyGen AI tool for video generation

$ 24/mo

Video generator, Voice generator

HeyGen simplifies video creation: just type, choose an avatar, and produce professional-looking videos in minutes

predis AI tool for social media

$ 29/mo

Copywriting, Social Media, Video generator is an all-in-one AI tool for content creation for social media. Create posts, videos, captions etc. in no time.

Synthesys AI video content

$ 41/mo

Video generator, Voice generator

AI platform for creating professional videos, voiceovers, and images with ultra-realistic AI voices and avatars.

What is an AI video generator?

AI video generators are a breed of smart software that can create videos without the need for human intervention. They utilize artificial intelligence to understand your requirements, whether it’s text, images, or a basic storyline, and churn out a video that matches.


Are there AI tools that can generate videos?

Absolutely! A bunch of them are featured on the same page as the text you’re reading. The digital realm is brimming with AI tools capable of generating videos. They range from simple ones that create short video clips to more sophisticated ones capable of crafting elaborate visual narratives. Some popular ones include Synthesia, Promo, and Fliki which harness the power of AI to help you create videos that are bound to get those eyeballs rolling!


Which is the best AI video generator?

While “the best” can be a subjective term as it largely depends on individual needs, many creators swear by Synthesia. It’s known for its ease of use, vast media library, and the ability to turn text into video effortlessly. The team behind Synthesia just acquired unicorn status, reaching a valuation of a billion dollars!


Is there a free AI video generator?

Yes, there are free AI video generators out there; Fliki for instance, offers a free trial for all basic video creation capabilities . However, for more advanced features or higher quality outputs, you might need to shell out some bucks.


Can AI video generators make video from text?

They sure can! AI video generators like InVideo, Synthesia and Fliki (yup, those again) can take a chunk of text and transform it into a captivating video. Whether it’s a blog post, an article, or just a creative narrative, these tools can turn your words into a visual feast faster than you can say “action!” So, the next time you’re short on video content, just feed in some text and let the AI do the directing!