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AI tools for music are digital maestros to help you create, refine, and explore musical horizons, blending technology with tunes. Whether you’re a composer, producer, or a music aficionado, discover a symphony of possibilities in this melodious domain.

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$ 14.99/mo

Audio, Music

With Soundraw you can easily generate unique and customizable music. Start creating royalty-free music with AI using Soundraw. The AI technology behind Soundraw offers an extensive library of sounds and beats that can be mixed and matched to produce incredible music.

Audio, Music

Riffusion is a dynamic AI tool, transforming the landscape of music creation with its versatile genres and customizable compositions.

Mubert AI music generator

$ 11.69/mo

Audio, Music

Mubert revolutionizes music creation with AI-driven soundtracks, generating real-time, royalty-free tunes tailored to user needs.

beathoven ai tool for music

$ 3/mo

Audio, Music creates tailor-made, royalty-free music using AI, perfect for enhancing videos, podcasts, and more with the right auditory ambiance.

What are AI tools for music?

AI tools for music are like the modern-day muses for musicians and producers. They utilize artificial intelligence to assist in various facets of music creation, editing, and distribution. From composing original music, mastering tracks, to even predicting musical trends, these tools are built to harmonize with the creative process. They interpret data, learn from user interactions, and can significantly speed up the workflow, all while encouraging a new realm of musical exploration.


What is AI used for in music?

AI in music serves as a bridge between creativity and technology. It’s used for a range of purposes like composing new tunes, where AI can generate original music based on specified genres or moods. It’s also employed in mastering tracks, helping to refine and polish the audio to a professional standard. Moreover, AI aids in music recommendation, creating personalized playlists for listeners. It’s like having a tech-savvy companion that understands your musical taste. Additionally, AI is used in music analysis, studying trends to provide insights, and even in live performances, providing real-time accompaniment or sound adjustments. The versatility of AI in music opens up a realm of possibilities, making it a noteworthy player in the modern music industry.


Is there a free AI music generator?

Yes, the digital realm is rich with free AI music generators. Tools like Mubert and Soundraw allow budding composers or curious minds to dabble in AI-generated music without reaching for the wallet. They provide a platform to create original compositions, and though they might not replace a human composer, they surely add a futuristic touch to the art of music creation. These tools are like the friendly neighborhood musicians, always ready to jam and create something new.


Is there an AI tool for mastering music?

Indeed, mastering music is an art and science that AI has ventured into. Tools like LANDR and iZotope Ozone provide AI-driven mastering services that help polish and refine your music to a professional sheen. They analyze your tracks, make precise adjustments to equalization, compression, and other parameters to ensure your music sounds top-notch across all playback devices. It’s like having a virtual mastering engineer who’s on call 24/7, ready to put the finishing touches on your musical masterpiece.