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DoNotPay - AI legal assistant

$ 33/mo

Assistants, Productivity

Battle bureaucracy and corporate hurdles effortlessly with DoNotPay, your AI-powered ally in resolving legal and subscription-related issues.

AI PDF reader

$ 15/mo

Assistants, Productivity is an AI-powered assistant for PDFs, simplifying how you interact with documents by providing quick summaries, answers, and details.

PopAi - AI PDF reader

$ 8.33/mo

Assistants, Productivity

PopAi simplifies document interactions, offering seamless chat integration and efficient information extraction, while enabling easy creation of custom AI models.

Conduit AI data analytics

$ 25/mo

Business, Productivity

Streamline data analytics by integrating multiple sources into Google Sheets, powered by AI-driven insights and reporting.

SheetAI App - AI for Google Sheets

$ 8/mo

Assistants, Productivity

Transform Google Sheets with AI features for text generation, data prediction, and automation, enhancing productivity and data insights. - AI tool for stock market

$ 9.99/mo

Business, Productivity

AI-powered stock market news alerts, offering real-time insights and custom alerts for informed investment decisions.

Vizologi AI for business strategy

$ 9/mo

Business, Productivity

AI software for business strategy innovation, offering tools for idea generation, market research, and business plan automation.

HoopsAI - AI for trading and investing

Business, Productivity

AI trading insights platform offering personalized, real-time trading ideas across various assets for informed and strategic investment decisions.