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AI audio tools strike the right chord between technology and sound, helping you manage, create, or enhance audio with a touch of artificial intelligence. Ready to amplify your audio adventures? Check out some coolest AI tools for audio below!

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Podcastle ai tool

$ 11.99/mo

Audio, Creative applications

Podcastle is an AI-powered tool that makes podcasting easy! With a variety of features to help users edit and enhance their audio content there’s no need for expensive equipment and software anymore. Get started today!

otter ai tool

$ 8.33/mo


Otter is a tool for transcribing spoken words into text using AI. It’s the perfect tools for summarizing meetings or interviews. Otter can easily be integrated with the video conferencing tool of your choice.


$ 14.99/mo

Audio, Music

With Soundraw you can easily generate unique and customizable music. Start creating royalty-free music with AI using Soundraw. The AI technology behind Soundraw offers an extensive library of sounds and beats that can be mixed and matched to produce incredible music.

Audio, Music

Riffusion is a dynamic AI tool, transforming the landscape of music creation with its versatile genres and customizable compositions.

Mubert AI music generator

$ 11.69/mo

Audio, Music

Mubert revolutionizes music creation with AI-driven soundtracks, generating real-time, royalty-free tunes tailored to user needs.

Listnr AI tool for voice generation

$ 9/mo

Audio, Voice generator

Listnr: Transforming written content into captivating audio experiences using advanced AI.

Krisp AI audio tool

$ 8/mo

Assistants, Audio

Krisp is an AI tool that excels in real-time noise cancellation during online communications, enhancing voice clarity across various conferencing apps, without the need for any specialized hardware.

beathoven ai tool for music

$ 3/mo

Audio, Music creates tailor-made, royalty-free music using AI, perfect for enhancing videos, podcasts, and more with the right auditory ambiance.

Cleanvoice AI tool for audio

$ 10/mo


Cleanvoice, an AI tool for audio, erases filler sounds and stutters from audio and recording, making your podcast or presentation sound professional effortlessly

Descript AI tool for audio and voice generation

$ 12/mo

Audio, Voice generator

Elevate your editing workflow with Descript, blending AI-powered transcription and voice cloning into a seamless video and podcast editing journey.

Resemble AI for voice generation

$ 0.006/mo

Audio, Voice generator

Breathe life into synthetic voices with Resemble AI, making interactions human-like with emotion-infused, real-time voice cloning, and more.

Wellsaid - AI voice generator

$ 45/mo

Audio, Voice generator

WellSaid Labs is your gateway to creating engaging voiceovers with a human touch, elevates storytelling and collaborative content creation effortlessly.

What are AI audio tools?

AI audio tools are the maestros in the digital orchestra, orchestrating a symphony of tasks related to sound. They utilize artificial intelligence to edit, enhance, generate, or transcribe audio. Whether it’s removing that annoying background noise from your recordings, auto-tuning your voice to sound pitch-perfect, or transcribing your podcast episodes into text, these tools are your go-to audio companions. With the help of machine learning, they learn and improve over time, ensuring your audio tasks become a breeze. AI audio tools encapsulate the magic of turning raw sound into refined audio, making the journey from discord to harmony a simple click away.


Is there an AI tool for audio quality?

Absolutely! AI tools like iZotope RX or Krisp are like the knights in shining armor rescuing your audio from the dragon of poor quality. They can significantly improve audio quality by reducing background noise, eliminating clicks, and correcting pitch. It’s like having a personal sound engineer tucked away in your computer, ready to polish your audio until it shines with clarity.


What’s the best AI for audio editing?

The title of ‘best’ in the audio editing kingdom could be contested, but Descript wears the crown proudly for many. Descript offers an intuitive interface where you can edit audio by simply editing text. It’s like having a magical quill where you delete a word, and the corresponding audio vanishes! Other contenders in the ring are iZotope RX and Adobe Audition which offer powerful AI-driven features for audio restoration and enhancement. Choosing the best would depend on your quest—whether it’s simplicity, power, or a bit of both.


Is there an AI tool that can generate music?

Indeed, there are AI tools that can serenade you with compositions they whip up from their digital brains. Tools like AIVA or Jukedeck step into the composer’s shoes, creating original music based on the genre, mood, or even a theme you choose. It’s like having a Mozart in your machine, ready to compose a soundtrack for your projects or a melody to soothe your ears. With AI music generators, the concert of innovation plays on, creating tunes that resonate with the future.