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Looka is an innovative AI tool that simplifies the process of logo design and branding for businesses of all sizes. Its advanced technology and user-friendly interface make it easy for anyone to create professional-looking designs in minutes, without any design experience. Looka’s features are exceptional. Its AI-powered logo maker provides thousands of customizable templates to choose from, along with a vast library of icons and fonts. Its user-friendly design studio allows you to edit and customize your design to match your brand’s unique style. And with its brand kit feature, Looka helps you create a consistent brand identity by providing color palettes, font suggestions, and social media templates.

Highlighted features of Looka

  • Logo generator: The core of Looka’s features is the AI-powered logo generator, which can generate a logo for your brand based on your inputs. 
  • Customizable: Logos and branded content is super easy to customize when generated. Make sure the outcome fits your personal preference.
  • Branding templates: For its branded content features, Looka offers branding templates for e-mail singatures, social media content and even website elements.

Who is Looka ideal for?

  • Start-ups and small businesses looking to create and develop their brand with a personalized and recognizable logo and visual content.
  • Freelance designers looking to optimize their workflow when creating branded content or logos for clients. Looka is a great way to get started brainstorming on new projects.


Looka divides their pricing into 4 options.

Brand kit and logo

Brand kit subscription: $96/year you get access to every feature in Looka’s brand kit, such as logos, branded content and social media profiles.

Brand Kit Web Subscription: $192/year you get access to everything in the brand kit plus an AI generated website based on your branded content.

Logo only 

$20: One PNG logo file

$65: Multiple file format, color options and full ownership

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