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Check out some of the best AI tools for creative applications, where your imagination meets artificial intelligence. It’s all about making your creative process a bit more magical with a techy touch.

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Podcastle ai tool

$ 11.99/mo

Audio, Creative applications

Podcastle is an AI-powered tool that makes podcasting easy! With a variety of features to help users edit and enhance their audio content there’s no need for expensive equipment and software anymore. Get started today!

Creative applications

Turning branding inspiration into unique business identities, using AI to make naming your venture as simple as typing a keyword.

$ 8/mo

Art generator, Creative applications

Tome is an easy-to-use storytelling tool that produces professional looking decks in just a few minutes.

$ 10/mo

Art generator, Creative applications

Midjourney – the digital alchemy transforming your words into engaging, unique artwork. Unleash your creativity like never before!

Assistants, Creative applications

Your AI-powered ally for visually striking, share-ready social stories and quizzes.

Writesonic - AI content writer

$ 16/mo

Copywriting, Creative applications, SEO

Writesonic is your AI-powered partner, enabling efficient, optimized content creation for blogs, ads, and e-commerce, supplemented with a swift paraphrasing tool.

Shutterstock AI image generator

$ 29/mo

Art generator, Creative applications

Shutterstock’s AI innovations: Transforming visual content creation and discovery for a digital age.

Illustroke AI tool for illustrations

$ 2/mo

Art generator, Creative applications

Turn text prompts into vector illustrations with ease and flair using Illustroke

LogoAI - ai tool for logo generation

$ 26/mo

Creative applications, Logo generator

LogoAI: Your go-to platform for easy, quick, and professional logo design, putting a creative stamp on your brand. Try for free!

Topaz Labs - AI for image editing

Creative applications, Image editor

Topaz Labs is your AI companion for transforming photos and videos into high-quality visuals effortlessly

Spikes Studio AI clip generator

$ 9.99/mo

Creative applications, Video editor

Transform long videos into viral clips effortlessly with AI.

What are AI tools for creative applications?

Imagine having a buddy who’s got a knack for tech and a heart for art. That’s what AI tools for creative applications are! They’re here to help you with design, music, video editing, and more. With these tools, you can turn your wild ideas into real, beautiful stuff without breaking a sweat. They do the heavy tech-lifting, so you can focus on the fun part – creating!


Are there any AI tools for creative ideas?

Oh, absolutely! There are AI tools that act like your brainstorming pal, always ready with a bunch of creative suggestions. They take a peek at your initial ideas, play around with them, and voila! They come up with new angles or suggestions that could be the cherry on top of your creative cake. They’re like having an extra brain that’s wired to think out of the box.


Which AI tool is the best for design?

The crown here often goes to Canva. It’s like the friendly neighbor of design tools – easy to use and always there with helpful suggestions. Whether you’re a pro or just starting out, Canva rolls out the red carpet to a world of design possibilities. It’s packed with templates, cool fonts, and snazzy elements to make your designs pop.


Is there an AI tool for graphic design?

Oh yes! There are tools like Adobe Spark and Luminar AI which are like your digital art buddies. They come with nifty features that can auto-enhance photos, whip up logos, or even help craft social media posts that stand out. They take the grunt work out of graphic design, so you can keep the creative juices flowing while they handle the techy bits.