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Naming your business is the first step to establishing a robust brand identity. With Namelix, an innovative AI tool, this crucial task becomes hassle-free and efficient. Namelix uses your provided keywords to generate unique and catchy business names, making it an indispensable asset for entrepreneurs, startup founders, or established companies considering a rebrand. Say goodbye to long brainstorming sessions and hello to AI-powered, impactful business names with Namelix.

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Highlighted features of Namelix

  • Keyword-Based Suggestions: Namelix uses your input keywords to generate a variety of name suggestions. This feature ensures that the suggested names have a connection to your business’s core concept, enhancing relevance and memorability.
  • Bespoke Length and Style Preferences: You can set your preferred length and style (abstract, real words, rhyming words, etc.) of your business name. Namelix tailors its outputs to your stipulated guidelines, leading to more personalized results.
  • Logo Designs: In addition to proposing unique business names, Namelix also designs captivating logos for each suggestion. This dual-feature allows you to visualize how your business name will look in a real-world context.
  • Domain Availability Check: With every name suggestion, Namelix checks the availability of corresponding .com domain names. This ensures your selected name has a potential for an online presence, saving you the hassle of additional domain-name checks.


Who is Namelix ideal for?

  • Entrepreneurs Launching New Ventures: Entrepreneurs seeking to establish their brand identity will find Namelix an invaluable resource. The AI tool generates unique business names, logos, and checks for domain availability, streamlining the early stages of business formation.
  • Startups Seeking Rebranding: For startups wanting a refresh or pivot in their branding, Namelix provides a plethora of name ideas and logos that align with their new direction, making the rebranding process more efficient.
  • Creative Agencies: Creative and branding agencies can use Namelix to generate ideas for their clients’ businesses. The tool’s ability to produce numerous name and logo suggestions based on specific preferences makes it an excellent brainstorming assistant, enhancing client service and satisfaction.


Price of Namelix

Namelix offers its business name generation service for free, it also provides premium services that include acquiring domain names and associated logos.

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