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Spikes Studio

Spikes Studio is an AI tool designed to help content creators transform lengthy videos into engaging, viral clips for social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram Reels. The platform is equipped with advanced AI features like automatic text generation, customizable clip lengths, and bulk editing. It’s ideal for streamers, podcasters, and digital marketers who require quick and engaging video content

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Core features of Spikes Studio

  • AI video to short converter: Utilizes AI to select the best moments from long videos, converting them into short clips for social media.
  • Auto captions: Supports 99 languages and can add emojis to highlight keywords.
  • Auto crop and zoom in: Edits and selects the best frame for mobile viewing, with the option for a second camera frame.
  • Multi-platform processing: Processes clips from YouTube, Vimeo, Google, and Twitch.
  • Automatic hashtags and description: AI suggests optimal hashtags and descriptions.
  • B-roll integration: Incorporates additional photos and text into videos.
  • Automatic social media sharing: Direct sharing of clips to connected social media platforms.
  • Bulk editing and universal language support: Enhances efficiency and global resonance of content.


Use cases with Spikes Studio

  • Content Creators: For creating engaging short-format content on various platforms.
  • Stream Highlights: Capturing and sharing live stream moments.
  • Podcast Highlights: Extracting top moments for wider distribution.
  • Efficient Twitch Discovery: Generating clips and enhancing Twitch discovery.
  • Automatic Video Transcription: Transcribing videos without manual input.


Spikes Studio pricing

Spikes Studio offers 3 different subscrption options, on of which is free!

  • Basic: $0/month:
    • Contains watermark
    • 720p export
    • Auto-Captions
    • Basic editor
  • Pro: From $9.99/month:
    • No watermark
    • 1080p Export
    • Animated captions
    • AI B-roll
    • GIFs & Animations
    • Transcribe for videos
  • Enterprise: From $120/month:
    • Custom templates
    • 4K export
    • Premium Editor
    • Account Manager
    • Unlimited storage



One the Spikes Studio Blog, you’ll find a lot of helpful and interesting articles to help you get started. In particular, we found the following articles to be very helpful:

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