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Uptrends.ai is an AI-driven platform focused on providing stock market news alerts. It tracks over 1,200 public companies and analyzes millions of posts monthly to offer timely and relevant market-moving news. The platform allows users to set custom alerts for stocks, sectors, and topics, making it easier to stay ahead of market trends. Uptrends.ai is designed for individual investors, traders, and financial analysts who seek to capitalize on market opportunities through AI-driven insights.

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Core features of Uptrends.ai

  • Custom Alerts: Set alerts for specific stocks, sectors, and topics.
  • Real-Time Leaderboards: Track trending stocks and market topics.
  • Event Detection: AI-driven news event detection for any stock.


Who should use Uptrends.ai?

  • Individual Investors: Stay updated with real-time market news.
  • Traders: Respond quickly to market trends and news.
  • Financial Analysts: Gain insights for informed analysis.


Uptrends.ai pricing

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Uptrends.ai offers three pricing plans:

  1. Limited Free Plan: 10 company searches per day, 1 news monitoring alert, and 2 news watchlists.
  2. Basic Plan: $9.99/month for unlimited company searches, 10 news alerts, and 5 watchlists.
  3. Pro Plan: $24.99/month with unlimited company searches, news alerts, and watchlists.


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