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$3 is a platform dedicated to providing a seamless experience for users to generate unique, royalty-free music tailored to their content. It’s an AI-driven music generator that understands the essence of varying moods and genres, aiming to enhance the auditory appeal of your videos, podcasts, or any other type of digital content. Through a simplistic yet effective process, users can choose a genre, make cuts for different moods, pick a mood, and let the AI compose a unique track for them.

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Highlighted features of

  • Genre and Mood Selection:
    • Users can choose from 8 different genres and 16 moods to find the perfect musical accompaniment for their content​.
  • Cut Editing:
    • The platform allows users to make multiple cuts to add different moods, accommodating the changing mood of the content over time​.
  • Unique Music Composition:
    • With a simple click on “compose,” the AI takes over, creating a unique track based on the selected genre, mood, and cuts​.
  • Unlimited Customization:
    • Users can customize the length, genre, mood, and instruments to create their music tracks, providing a high level of personalization and control over the final output.


Use cases

  • Agency/Production Houses:
    • Great for creating gripping explainer videos and setting the pace in ads with bespoke music that resonates with the theme and message​.
  • YouTube Creators:
    • Ideal for creating a signature sound for channels, enhancing outro sections, and adding impact without the strain of editing and licensing music​.
  • Podcast Creators:
    • Perfect for making intro sections special, announcing sponsors in style, and ending episodes with flair through custom music​.



  • Free Plan:
    • Suitable for individuals looking to explore the product and its basic features​.
  • Pro Plan (Monthly/Yearly). From $3/mo.
    • Aimed at creators producing 10+ videos a month. This plan likely includes additional features like unlimited customization and streamlined output, although the exact features are not listed on the pricing page. A yearly billing option is available for savings of 15%​.


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