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Colossyan steps onto the scene as a sleek AI video generator designed to make corporate training and communication videos a breeze. With a focus on workplace learning, it allows anyone to become a virtual presenter, creating videos from text in multiple languages with ease. Ideal for enhancing corporate communications and e-learning materials, Colossyan takes your text or script and breathes life into it with AI avatars, generating professional-quality content without the need for expensive production resources. Its user-friendly interface and powerful AI make it a go-to for companies looking to spice up their training content without breaking the bank.

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Highlighted features of Colossyan

  • AI Avatars:
    • Choose from a range of AI avatars to deliver your content, providing a personal touch to your videos​.
  • Text to Video:
    • Transform written content into dynamic videos, with auto-translation capabilities to reach a global audience​.
  • Customizable Presentations:
    • Upgrade dull presentations by converting PPTs or PDFs into engaging video content, enhancing corporate communications.
  • Real-Time Editing:
    • Edit and refine your language, adjust your tone, and more using an integrated custom GPT model for script assistance​.
  • Effortless Localization:
    • With just a few clicks, localize your content in over 70 languages, broadening the reach of your videos​.


Who is Colossyan ideal for?

  • Corporate Training:
    • For HR and training departments looking to create captivating training materials that resonate with employees across the globe.
  • Marketing Teams:
    • Ideal for crafting promotional or explanatory videos that can be easily localized for different markets.
  • E-Learning Platforms:
    • Educators and online course creators can convert text-based content into educational videos, enhancing the learning experience.



  • Starter Plan:
    • Suitable for individuals creating simple videos, priced at $35/month or $336 annually, offering a maximum of 5-minute long videos with 120 minutes of content per year and unique features like 3 auto-translations monthly​.
  • Pro Plan:
    • Targeted at individuals or small teams, with a monthly cost of $120, it includes everything in the Starter plan plus extras like a 20-minute max video length and 10 auto-translations monthly​​.
  • Enterprise Plan:
    • Custom pricing for larger companies scaling video creation, providing unlimited minutes, additional premium avatars, and advanced collaboration and security features​.


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