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Puzzle Labs

Puzzle Labs is an AI-powered glossary tool designed to enhance team communication. It helps clarify complex jargon across your website, documentation, and projects, ensuring a uniform understanding among team members. Besides defining terms, it measures engagement to ascertain the effectiveness of the shared information. The tool automatically links text, websites, documents, images, and videos, providing a rich, dynamic context for better comprehension. By simplifying terminologies and tracking engagement, it aims to foster clear and effective communication within and beyond your team.

  • For students
  • Free

Highlighted features

  • Dynamic & automated glossary: Unlike traditional static glossaries, it dynamically links text, websites, documents, images, and videos.
  • Engagement measurement: Tracks user engagement to ensure effective communication.
  • SEO enhancement: By linking glossary terms directly to blog posts, it helps in driving keyword authority, reducing bounce rates, and boosting SEO.
  • Ease of publishing: Offers a range of publishing options including code, low-code, or no-code, catering to various user proficiencies.


Who should use Puzzle Labs?

  • Bloggers & content creators: Enhancing SEO and engagement on blogs by providing immediate explanations for complex topics.
  • Product teams: For uniform documentation, onboarding, and in-product explanations, ensuring a coherent understanding across teams.
  • Businesses with technical jargon: Improving communication by clarifying industry-specific terminologies, making information accessible to all stakeholders.



  • Free Forever: Unlimited glossaries, concepts, and links for each concept, with basic publishing options.
  • Builder ($20/month): AI-assisted concept generation, basic metrics, and removal of Puzzle Labs branding, in addition to all Free Forever features.
  • Teams ($50/month): Collaboration features and advanced metrics, atop all Builder plan features.
  • White Glove: Dedicated support, custom integrations, and everything in the Teams plan, tailored for extensive enterprise needs​.


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