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Article Fiesta

Article Fiesta is an AI SEO content article writer designed to elevate digital marketing efforts. It specializes in creating search engine optimized content, ensuring articles are unique, plagiarism-free, and optimized for high search engine rankings. The platform is suitable for bloggers, content creators, and digital marketers, providing tools like direct blog posting, internal linking, and royalty-free images to enhance the content creation process.

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Core features of Article Fiesta

  • Direct Blog Posting: Simplifies publishing articles directly to blogs.
  • Internal Linking: Boosts SEO by linking to other important content.
  • Royalty-Free Images: Enhances articles with free-to-use images.
  • Repetition Protection: Ensures content uniqueness.
  • FAQ Sections Schema: Improves SEO with rich schema markups.


Use cases with Article Fiesta

  • Bloggers and Content Creators: For producing SEO-optimized blog posts.
  • Digital Marketers: To enhance website content and online presence.
  • Businesses: Streamlining content marketing strategies.


Article Fiesta pricing

Article Fiesta offers four pricing plans:

  • Basic Plan: $19.99/month for 5 articles (around 7,015 words per month), including in-depth articles, SEO optimization, and on-site editing support.
  • Growth Plan: $39.99/month for 15 articles (approximately 21,045 words), plus AI-generated images, automatic tagging, and internal linking.
  • Pro Plan (Most Popular): $59.99/month for 30 articles (around 42,090 words), with unlimited AI images, schema markup, and bulk article creation.
  • Enterprise Plan: $299.99/month for 300 articles (approximately 420,900 words), including YouTube summary tools, trending search queries, and smart in-content graphs.

Additionally, there’s a custom plan for marketing agencies or large-scale content needs.



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