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WordHero is a popular choice among over 30,000 writers, marketers, and business owners for its AI-powered content generation capabilities. This tool makes creating original content for blogs, social media, emails, and more a breeze, requiring just a single click. With WordHero, users can save hours spent on research and writing, eliminate the need for costly copywriters, and speed up their time to market, making it an efficient and cost-effective solution for various content creation needs​​​​​​​​.

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Core features of WordHero

  • Generator Mode: Over 80 tools for crafting short-form content like headlines, slogans, and calls to action​​.
  • Editor Mode: Facilitates swift long-form content creation and editing, including a Command Mode for faster processes​​.
  • WordHero Chat: Allows users to give instructions effortlessly, with the AI handling the rest​​.


Who should use WordHero?

  • Content Creation: Ideal for bloggers, marketers, and businesses needing original content for various platforms.
  • Marketing Copywriting: Generates engaging ad copy and marketing content.
  • Email Writing: Streamlines email content creation for campaigns or communication.
  • Social Media Management: Useful for creating catchy and relevant social media posts.



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  • Creator Plan: $49/month or $39/month (billed annually).
    • Includes unlimited content generation, Enhanced Mode (120k tokens), 120 Art Credits, Long-Form Editor with Keyword Assistant, WordHero Chat, and more.
  • Infinity Plan: $99/month or $79/month (billed annually).
    • Offers all Creator Plan features with unlimited use of Enhanced Mode, 1000 Art Credits, and support for up to 5 team members (coming soon)​​.

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