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Ocoya is a brilliant AI tool for managing your social media, creating content, and orchestrating your online marketing efforts effortlessly. It integrates the capabilities of AI like ChatGPT for text generation, Canva for visual creation, and Hootsuite for scheduling, all under one roof. With just a few clicks, you can generate and post content across multiple social platforms, schedule posts for optimal times, and analyze the performance of your online strategy. It simplifies the complex world of social media management for individuals, content creators, and businesses alike, making it easier to maintain an active and engaging online presence. Whether you are looking to create text, images, videos, or even music for your social channels, or seeking insights to refine your social media strategy, Ocoya has got you covered​.

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Highlighted features of Ocoya

  • AI Writing: Ocoya’s AI assistant is your personal wordsmith, generating captivating marketing text for your social media posts or blogs in 26 languages, making global engagement a breeze.
  • Content Creation: Beyond text, Ocoya is your creative studio for generating images, videos, or music for social media. It’s like having an endless supply of digital paintbrushes.
  • Scheduling: Plan, schedule, and approve your social media content at optimal times, even years in advance. It’s about having a smart calendar that knows the social media tide.
  • Analytics: With Ocoya, insights are at your fingertips. It provides instant recommendations on performance or reach through automated reporting, making data-driven decisions a part of your social media strategy​.


Who should use Ocoya?

  • Content Marketers: In the realm of social media where content is king, Ocoya empowers marketers with AI-driven content creation and analytics to reign supreme.
  • Social Media Influencers: For influencers, Ocoya is like having a backstage crew ensuring the spotlight shines brightly on their content across all social platforms.
  • Business Owners: With Ocoya, business owners can put their social media strategy on autopilot, ensuring a consistent online presence while focusing on other core business operations​.



  • Bronze ($15/month): Tailored for individuals, offering 5 social profiles, 1 workspace, and 100 AI credits.
  • Silver ($39/month): Geared towards growing teams, with 20 social profiles, 5 team members, 5 workspaces, and 500 AI credits along with additional features like copywriting in 28+ languages and plugins inside post editor.
  • Gold ($79/month): Ideal for scaling businesses, offering 50 social profiles, 20 team members, 20 workspaces, and 1,500 AI credits with added automations.
  • Diamond ($159/month): Crafted for large organizations, providing 150 social profiles, 50 team members, unlimited workspaces, and unlimited AI credits along with advanced analytics, branded reports, and REST API access​.

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