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Moonbeam is like your personal AI writing buddy, specially made for crafting longer content like essays, stories, and blog posts. Unlike other AI tools that might leave you with confusing text, Moonbeam’s got your back, transforming even messy notes into structured outlines and well-crafted paragraphs. It’s powered by Luna, an AI that takes your simple instructions and turns them into neat first drafts. So, whether it’s a school essay or your next viral blog post, Moonbeam helps light the way from rough idea to polished piece.

Highlighted features of Moonbeam

  • Smart Chat:
    • Imagine chatting with your content. Moonbeam’s Smart Chat, boosted by GPT-4, lets you edit and refine your work like a pro. Get instant feedback, make quick edits, and even create content directly from your chat.
  • Content Cluster:
    • Stuck for ideas? Just give Moonbeam a prompt and watch it conjure up a bunch of content ideas and detailed post outlines in seconds, thanks to its GPT-4 tech.
  • Advanced Text Editor:
    • It’s not just a text editor; it’s a powerhouse. From sophisticated editing options to embedding rich media, it’s got all the tools to elevate your writing. Plus, with one-click content generation, inspiration is just a click away.
  • Collaboration Mode:
    • Teamwork makes the dream work, right? Moonbeam’s Collaboration Mode lets you and your team work together smoothly on AI-generated content, similar to Google Docs.


Ideal users of Moonbeam

  • Students & Academics:
    • For those drowning in essays and research papers, Moonbeam can help structure thoughts and research into cohesive outlines and drafts.
  • Bloggers & Content Creators:
    • Struggling with writer’s block? Moonbeam’s idea generation and content clustering are perfect for keeping those blog posts flowing.
  • Marketing Professionals:
    • Need snappy social media posts or detailed marketing content? Moonbeam’s versatile tools can craft everything from quick tweets to in-depth articles.
  • Teams & Collaborations:
    • Groups working on joint writing projects will find Moonbeam’s collaboration features incredibly useful for coordinating and refining their collective efforts.


Moonbeam pricing

Moonbeam’s pricing is structured to suit different needs, whether you’re flying solo or part of a team.

  • Pro Plan ($49/month, billed yearly):
    • This is for the lone wolves who want the full Moonbeam magic. It includes:
      • Unlimited long form writing and social media posts.
      • Unlimited access to AI writing tools, including Boss Mode and Moonbeam Chat.
      • Access to Ask Luna, Moonbeam Wizard, and a custom style generator.
      • Designed for individual users.
  • Team Plan ($99/month/seat):
    • Tailored for teams, whether in startups or large enterprises. The plan offers:
      • All the perks of the Pro Plan.
      • Features like collaborative real-time editing and integration with other tools.
      • Priority support to keep your team’s workflow smooth.
      • Suitable for multiple users.

Additionally, Moonbeam assures a 100% risk-free experience. If you opt for a paid plan and find Moonbeam isn’t quite your cup of tea within 30 days, they offer a no-questions-asked full refund​

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