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Unlock the power of persuasive writing with ClosersCopy—an AI-driven writing assistant tailored for marketers, copywriters, and business owners. This tool isn’t just about throwing words on a page; it’s about crafting messages that stick, persuade, and ultimately, close the deal. With a suite of features designed to help you write more effectively, ClosersCopy stands out by not only guiding you through the art of writing compelling copy but also by analyzing the emotional pull of your words. It’s like having a seasoned copywriter peer over your shoulder, offering insights and suggestions that hone your message to perfection. From email campaigns to landing pages, ClosersCopy helps you to captivate your audience and drive conversion.

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Highlighted features of ClosersCopy

  • Sales Copy Templates: ClosersCopy comes loaded with proven templates that give you a running start on creating copy that converts.
  • Emotional Analysis: This feature helps you understand the emotional tone of your writing, ensuring that your message resonates with your target audience.
  • Competitor Analysis: Keep an edge over the competition by analyzing what works in their copy, and refine your strategies accordingly.
  • SEO Optimization: ClosersCopy aids in optimizing your content for search engines, increasing the likelihood of high rankings and organic traffic.


Who should use CloersCopy?

  • Marketing Professionals: They can streamline their workflow, crafting compelling campaigns that cut through the noise and captivate potential customers.
  • Copywriters: ClosersCopy serves as a second pair of eyes, providing suggestions and enhancements to polish their copy to a shine.
  • Small to Medium Business Owners: With tight budgets, these users can use ClosersCopy to produce professional-level copy without hiring a full-time writer.
  • Bloggers and Content Creators: To stand out with unique and engaging content, ClosersCopy helps in maintaining a consistent and persuasive voice.
  • E-commerce Store Owners: They can create product descriptions and ad copy that sell, boosting their conversion rates and revenue.



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ClosersCopy offers several tiers of service:

  • Power Plan ($49.99/mo):
    • This plan provides basic access to the AI writing tool, suitable for individuals just getting started with copywriting. Besides the AI writer, you get limited access to the SEO audit tool and SEO planner.
  • Superpower Plan ($79.99/mo):
    • A more advanced option, this includes additional features such as emotional analysis and extended template access for growing businesses. Unlimited access to AI writer and SEO Audits.
  • Superpower Squad Plan ($99.99/mo):
    • The premium choice, with unlimited access to all features, including competitor analysis and SEO tools for high-volume users with extensive needs. Super relevant for agencies and larger copywriting or SEO teams.

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